The shipment of smartphones has increased by 95%

The global shipment of smartphones has reached 80.9 million in the third quarter of this year, which has increased by ninety-five percent over the previous year. The data shows that Nokia’s market share reaches thirty-three percent, and ranks first in all brands. Apple’s market share also takes seventeen percent. One thing that should be mentioned is that Android occupies a prominent position in the smartphone operating systems market in the United States and takes forty-four percent of the market shares.

In addition, experts argue that the increase of the western market benefits from high-end products, such as high-quality products that can attract many customers in the terminal market. To be successful in these markets, manufacturers must provide the mobile application with location and competitive price.

The Android becomes again the biggest driving force in the third quarter, which reached twenty million games. More and more manufacturers are trying to use the Android device, so the shipment will be larger in the future. Apart from the attractiveness of customers, this platform has attracted a large number of developers. In addition, the price of Andriod varies from high to low, which guarantees the adaptation of any level of consumption of the users.

The Symbian foundation remains the world’s leading manufacturer of operating systems for smartphones. Recently, the change of personnel has influenced Symbian, but the factories in Japan still support it and Nokia is developing the related products continuously. Experts argue that the Nokia company does not yet have high-level products to counter the iPhone and Android. Therefore, the MeeGo will be launched by Nokia this year to gain reputation and maintain the leadership position. In the third quarter, only three percent of smartphones use Microsoft’s operating system, but the proportion will increase with Windows Phone 7. The related integrated circuit is AO4414.

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