Android dominating the mobile market

The wars of mobile platforms continue to be news in the industry. As analysts, industry players and critics present their reports, opinions continue to change in favor of one platform or another. However, the facts and figures speak for themselves and offer a clearer picture of changing market trends.

The analysis done by the signature Lookout in the Project Genome of the application reveals that the growth of the development of applications for Android is more in comparison with the iOS platform. It must be taken into account that the report undertakes to study the experience of US user only.

According to project estimates, a higher figure was reported for applications available in the Android market. There was an increase in the number of Android applications that were developing and grew approximately 127 percent, surpassing the Apple App Store that recorded a growth rate of 44 percent.

If Android continues to grow at the same speed, it would have more applications than Apple App store in mid-2020. Apple App Store still has more applications available, but the growth rate of Android applications is three times that of Apple, because therefore, accelerating growth may pose a threat to Apple in the near future.

Computer security expert Eugene Kaspersky predicts that Google’s Android will dominate the market, reducing Apple and Blackberry to niche players. According to him, the Android operating system follows the same strategy that Microsoft followed in the 1990s that made it the most popular operating system for computers.

Taking this into account, the other platforms need a change of strategy or Android would end up with 80 percent of the mobile market share, leaving the Apple iPhone, Blackberry and Nokia of RIM share the remaining 10 percent between them.

Today, loyalty ratings for iPhone are higher than Google Android by almost 84 percent. However, the Android market cannot be taken lightly, since only in the last quarter of 2019, Android took the title of Apple as the best operating system for smartphones. It was a major change in the mobile industry that forced also brand as Nokia to switch from Microsoft mobile to Android operating system.

Android is gaining momentum in the market. Last year’s figures for the Android application development market show the positive progress that it has been constantly achieving. From the point of view of things, the growing trend is ready to continue making Android the fastest growing platform in the history of the mobile world.

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