How Google can help you find your lost smartphone

Google Inc. has come out with an easily installable search function. With this function, users only have to type the command ‘Find my phone’ to know the approximate site of the device. Upon receiving the command, this new search function obtains the result and shows the place as the closest point on the screen. The user must ensure that they have installed the latest Google Android application. Apart from this, you have to activate the Google Android Manager site tracking service. What else can this feature do for the benefit of its users? In this article, we will see this new application in more detail for the benefit of readers who may find it useful.

Find missing phone feature

If you have lost your smartphone or left it somewhere in the house, you do not have to panic. The search engine developed by Google will find it for you in a matter of seconds. Users just have to type the command ‘Find my phone’ in a search engine feature to know the approximate location of the device. The only problem is that the new search function only works with Android phones. This means that mobiles that use another operating system can not be tracked at all. The function also helps the user to block and erase the data if he feels his device is missing. The feature does this work remotely. The user does not have to inform the customer service center to block the stolen device.

How does it work?

Normally, the Android Device Manager allows the user to ring their device from anywhere. Users can use this functionality to find a lost device. They need to keep the ring option in. After that, the function will make the phone ring for about five minutes and wait for the device to respond. This period is long enough to help people easily find the lost phone. In addition to this, users must ensure that the tracking service on their phones is activated. To use this feature, users must install the latest version of the Google application on their registered device. Ringing functionality works well with the location tracker to find the device. If there is no response, the function warns users to decide if they should lock their device remotely. After receiving the response, the function remotely deletes the data and locks the device.

Google has introduced a new search engine feature that tracks the missing phone when it rings. This function works in conjunction with the location tracking services provided by the company to find the device.

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