Is Nokia 7.2 the best of affordable smartphones?

It has a generous screen and is powered by a Snapdragon 660, which is satisfactory given the price and the phone works without problems and with almost no delay.

Priced at around $500, this phone stands out from the crowd with all the vibrantly colored cases it offers. Share your looks with high-end models and it’s good to look and feel. Of all the advantages of this phone, the important thing is that you can use the phone while wearing gloves that attract people who live in colder regions.

The right edge of the phone houses all the physical buttons of the phone, with a volume control on the top, a power button near the center and a camera button near the bottom. The design works well, with the buttons sufficiently separated to avoid confusion. The left edge is devoid of features, ports or buttons. In the upper part there is only one 3.5mm headphone port on the left side. The bottom edge has a micro USB port in the center, which is used to charge or connect the Nokia 7.2 to a computer.

Sliding around the various screens is smooth and responsive, while the 4-inch screen is large enough to do most things comfortably. The screen also has a resolution good enough to prevent mosaics and menus from becoming blurred.

The text messages in the Nokia 7.2 are handled by the messaging application, which is very similar to the equivalent applications that you would find in an iPhone or Android phone. If you pass by the thread screen, you get to an area called Online, which allows you to chat with friends from linked messaging services and social networks, such as Facebook, so it’s a great advantage.

The Nokia Lumia 7.2 camera is a good phone, it has a 48MP sensor on the back, with flash and a nice front camera.

If you look at the fact that it is a Android phone, this is a good phone you can buy for the price and it is easy to use with all the features such as WiFi, Bluetooth and a performance camera.

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