Manage your smartphone applications more easily using an application manager

A smartphone makes you more productive because there are many applications available. However, if you try to manage each application separately, you will have to open and close each one to see the information. Therefore, the use of an application manager facilitates the removal, removal, maintenance and display of information.

In most app stores, an application manager falls into the tool category and can be called ‘app 2 SD’ or ‘move 2 SD’ or ‘move app’. The administrator’s home screen organizes the applications on screens based on mobile applications, applications on the phone (not mobile) and applications that are already on the SD card. Mobile applications are those applications that you can move between the internal storage of the phone and the external storage of the SD card. The screen of the SD card shows the ones that are currently stored in your SD cards, so if you change the card, you will no longer have access to them. The ‘phone only’ screen shows all the applications stored on your phone. The names of the screens or tabs will vary depending on the tool you choose. For each screen or tab, you can find out the number of applications installed, the total storage space provided and the amount of storage space available. The tool also notifies you when installed applications can be moved and automatically updates your applications.

Each application you download comes with basic information, such as the storage size and the necessary permissions. Those with a small storage size can be stored in the internal storage of the phone. Knowing the size of each of them at a glance allows you to determine which ones to keep on the phone or use the tool to move it to external storage. The application administrator also lists the necessary permissions to access storage, network communication, personal information. This allows you to determine if you want to allow the application to have multiple permissions. If you are not satisfied, you can uninstall it from the tool.

There are times when an application does not work properly and you want to delete it from your phone. The tool allows you to force a stop, delete data, move or uninstall the application. This facilitates management from a central location. Whenever you make changes to your applications, the list will be updated so you can also see how your storage size affects it.

The use of applications is excellent because they help you perform various tasks and can be downloaded at your convenience. The use of an application manager makes it easy for you to view information and manage it from a single tool. This saves time and energy by keeping each one separate.

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