How to use your bluetooth headphones with iPhone 11

Apple announced some of its best phones last year, such as the iPhone X and iPhone 11. These devices have some interesting features such as wireless charging and high resolution screen.

When Apple launched its iPhone 7, a headphone jack was missing. But the good news for Apple fans is that the new iPhone 11 allows you to connect your traditional headphones.

The most famous updated feature within the new iPhone 11 is related to its wireless charging potential. This is something that previous models were missing, just because of their design structure.

But now Apple provides the ease of wireless connection with their headphones. But the fact is that not everyone wants to use wireless headphones. Some people just do not like these wireless headphones, while others do not want to spend extra money on different headphones when they already have a pair.

In addition, Apple headphones are not designed to fit all kinds of ears, so you should compare and verify other designs from other manufacturers. Although this does not mean that Apple products are not comfortable, despite the fact that these Air Pods simply do not fit well with the ears of consumers.

Therefore, this is not something totally surprising that is required to use regular wired headsets on your phone, and it is likely that people still want to do so with the iPhone 8 smartphone or with other similar Apple devices.

The good news for those who do not have problems with the wired headphones that come with the new iPhone 11 can do so conveniently, thanks to the adapters.

Now it is confirmed that the new iPhone 11 does not include a headphone port, so you will have to use headphones with cables either through a “lightning-type connector” or “headphone jack adapter for iPhone”.

This is also great news for those who wants buy a new Apple iPhone. This new and exceptional phone will cost $999 for the 64 GB model, but will be available at a relatively lower price in different mobile phone companies, according to the selected plans. This is considered a big change, and some people may not want to buy wireless headphones separately. Therefore, the inclusion of Apple’s ear capsules and a way to connect wired headphones to the iPhone 11 phone is a smart decision, without a doubt.

So now, you do not have to worry if you still want to use your old and favorite headphones with your new Apple iPhone 11. Are not professional, but you can enjoy high quality music.

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