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Samsung S20: more evolutionary than revolutionary

First came Apple with the iPhone 8, followed by the highly anticipated iPhone X. Google intervened with its Pixel 2. Now it’s Samsung’s turn to join the party.

The new Samsung Galaxy S20 and S20+ are ready to amaze, make real photo and enjoy the view.

While phones are not “game changers” they do represent big steps in improvements, as Samsung says it is more important to consumers.

The phones are the same size as their predecessors, the S10 and the S10+. The screens are a little larger and brighter.

Some new fun add-ons that Samsung believes that users will greatly enjoy are enhanced slow-motion video, AR emoji and language translation in photos.

Like other Samsung phones, the S20 is water resistant. They include an infinite screen, a headphone jack and wireless charging.

It promises better audio for streaming audio and the video can be slow, we do not mean really slow. Slower than that actually.

The cell phone cameras continue to improve and the S20 click on the same path. Like its recently updated competitors, the devices take sharper photos with a more challenging light.

The phones have a triple camera with a new double aperture that adjusts to light like the human eye. You need more light you can have it. You need less light you can have that too.

The improved camera will help with your video recording.

Whatever the result, Samsung will automatically combine with some music to accompany the appearance of your efforts.

Shoot something festive and you’ll get some optimistic sounds. Take something a little more serious and Samsung will also match it. The music can be adjusted as necessary.

Many are familiar with Snapchat’s Bitmoji application. The S20s have something similar called AR Emoji. Hair and clothes can be personalized. Glasses and other accessories are easily added. You can appear as a bunny or a cat too.

Regardless of your emoji taste, everything is displayed in 18 predefined GIFs connected to the keyboard.

Do you need something translated? The phones can help with that too. As in the Google translation application, you can show a sign and get a translation in your native language. The application works in 54 languages.

Not to be outdone by Apple, Samsung phones have a better facial recognition called “intelligent scanning”. Now facial recognition is mixed with a scanner. A new tool allows you to open the phone with the iris or full face according to sunlight.

The audio is touted to be sharper and louder on the stereo speakers tuned by AKG. Samsung claims that the sound is 1.4 times more powerful than previous Galaxy phones. Dolby Atmos technology will provide a multi-dimensional sound experience similar to that of a theater.

Available colors include black, blue and purple. A gray option will be available later.

As expected, the price is on par with similar phones but still below $1,000. The S20 will run a little over $800, while the S20+ will cost around $ 950.

While several updates make phones more versatile and fun, there is less of a surprise factor than debuts of other products. Still, the new S9s add enough pop to provide a true Android-based rival for Apple and other competing mobile devices.

The shipment of smartphones has increased by 95%

The global shipment of smartphones has reached 80.9 million in the third quarter of this year, which has increased by ninety-five percent over the previous year. The data shows that Nokia’s market share reaches thirty-three percent, and ranks first in all brands. Apple’s market share also takes seventeen percent. One thing that should be mentioned is that Android occupies a prominent position in the smartphone operating systems market in the United States and takes forty-four percent of the market shares.

In addition, experts argue that the increase of the western market benefits from high-end products, such as high-quality products that can attract many customers in the terminal market. To be successful in these markets, manufacturers must provide the mobile application with location and competitive price.

The Android becomes again the biggest driving force in the third quarter, which reached twenty million games. More and more manufacturers are trying to use the Android device, so the shipment will be larger in the future. Apart from the attractiveness of customers, this platform has attracted a large number of developers. In addition, the price of Andriod varies from high to low, which guarantees the adaptation of any level of consumption of the users.

The Symbian foundation remains the world’s leading manufacturer of operating systems for smartphones. Recently, the change of personnel has influenced Symbian, but the factories in Japan still support it and Nokia is developing the related products continuously. Experts argue that the Nokia company does not yet have high-level products to counter the iPhone and Android. Therefore, the MeeGo will be launched by Nokia this year to gain reputation and maintain the leadership position. In the third quarter, only three percent of smartphones use Microsoft’s operating system, but the proportion will increase with Windows Phone 7. The related integrated circuit is AO4414.

How to use your bluetooth headphones with iPhone 11

Apple announced some of its best phones last year, such as the iPhone X and iPhone 11. These devices have some interesting features such as wireless charging and high resolution screen.

When Apple launched its iPhone 7, a headphone jack was missing. But the good news for Apple fans is that the new iPhone 11 allows you to connect your traditional headphones.

The most famous updated feature within the new iPhone 11 is related to its wireless charging potential. This is something that previous models were missing, just because of their design structure.

But now Apple provides the ease of wireless connection with their headphones. But the fact is that not everyone wants to use wireless headphones. Some people just do not like these wireless headphones, while others do not want to spend extra money on different headphones when they already have a pair.

In addition, Apple headphones are not designed to fit all kinds of ears, so you should compare and verify other designs from other manufacturers. Although this does not mean that Apple products are not comfortable, despite the fact that these Air Pods simply do not fit well with the ears of consumers.

Therefore, this is not something totally surprising that is required to use regular wired headsets on your phone, and it is likely that people still want to do so with the iPhone 8 smartphone or with other similar Apple devices.

The good news for those who do not have problems with the wired headphones that come with the new iPhone 11 can do so conveniently, thanks to the adapters.

Now it is confirmed that the new iPhone 11 does not include a headphone port, so you will have to use headphones with cables either through a “lightning-type connector” or “headphone jack adapter for iPhone”.

This is also great news for those who wants buy a new Apple iPhone. This new and exceptional phone will cost $999 for the 64 GB model, but will be available at a relatively lower price in different mobile phone companies, according to the selected plans. This is considered a big change, and some people may not want to buy wireless headphones separately. Therefore, the inclusion of Apple’s ear capsules and a way to connect wired headphones to the iPhone 11 phone is a smart decision, without a doubt.

So now, you do not have to worry if you still want to use your old and favorite headphones with your new Apple iPhone 11. Are not professional, but you can enjoy high quality music.

Android dominating the mobile market

The wars of mobile platforms continue to be news in the industry. As analysts, industry players and critics present their reports, opinions continue to change in favor of one platform or another. However, the facts and figures speak for themselves and offer a clearer picture of changing market trends.

The analysis done by the signature Lookout in the Project Genome of the application reveals that the growth of the development of applications for Android is more in comparison with the iOS platform. It must be taken into account that the report undertakes to study the experience of US user only.

According to project estimates, a higher figure was reported for applications available in the Android market. There was an increase in the number of Android applications that were developing and grew approximately 127 percent, surpassing the Apple App Store that recorded a growth rate of 44 percent.

If Android continues to grow at the same speed, it would have more applications than Apple App store in mid-2020. Apple App Store still has more applications available, but the growth rate of Android applications is three times that of Apple, because therefore, accelerating growth may pose a threat to Apple in the near future.

Computer security expert Eugene Kaspersky predicts that Google’s Android will dominate the market, reducing Apple and Blackberry to niche players. According to him, the Android operating system follows the same strategy that Microsoft followed in the 1990s that made it the most popular operating system for computers.

Taking this into account, the other platforms need a change of strategy or Android would end up with 80 percent of the mobile market share, leaving the Apple iPhone, Blackberry and Nokia of RIM share the remaining 10 percent between them.

Today, loyalty ratings for iPhone are higher than Google Android by almost 84 percent. However, the Android market cannot be taken lightly, since only in the last quarter of 2019, Android took the title of Apple as the best operating system for smartphones. It was a major change in the mobile industry that forced also brand as Nokia to switch from Microsoft mobile to Android operating system.

Android is gaining momentum in the market. Last year’s figures for the Android application development market show the positive progress that it has been constantly achieving. From the point of view of things, the growing trend is ready to continue making Android the fastest growing platform in the history of the mobile world.

Is Nokia 7.2 the best of affordable smartphones?

It has a generous screen and is powered by a Snapdragon 660, which is satisfactory given the price and the phone works without problems and with almost no delay.

Priced at around $500, this phone stands out from the crowd with all the vibrantly colored cases it offers. Share your looks with high-end models and it’s good to look and feel. Of all the advantages of this phone, the important thing is that you can use the phone while wearing gloves that attract people who live in colder regions.

The right edge of the phone houses all the physical buttons of the phone, with a volume control on the top, a power button near the center and a camera button near the bottom. The design works well, with the buttons sufficiently separated to avoid confusion. The left edge is devoid of features, ports or buttons. In the upper part there is only one 3.5mm headphone port on the left side. The bottom edge has a micro USB port in the center, which is used to charge or connect the Nokia 7.2 to a computer.

Sliding around the various screens is smooth and responsive, while the 4-inch screen is large enough to do most things comfortably. The screen also has a resolution good enough to prevent mosaics and menus from becoming blurred.

The text messages in the Nokia 7.2 are handled by the messaging application, which is very similar to the equivalent applications that you would find in an iPhone or Android phone. If you pass by the thread screen, you get to an area called Online, which allows you to chat with friends from linked messaging services and social networks, such as Facebook, so it’s a great advantage.

The Nokia Lumia 7.2 camera is a good phone, it has a 48MP sensor on the back, with flash and a nice front camera.

If you look at the fact that it is a Android phone, this is a good phone you can buy for the price and it is easy to use with all the features such as WiFi, Bluetooth and a performance camera.

How to edit movies using your iPhone 11

What do you need about iPhone 11

– A video that is worth sharing

The screen of the iPhone 11 is not what I would call the ideal for excellent video editing. However, in a moment, you can make basic editions in the movies of your iPhone and share your work by email, MMS or YouTube. All you need is a little patience and some practice to select the iPhone videos that are worth editing and editing.

1) Record some videos with your iPhone Click edit above to add content to this empty capsule.

As you know that to shoot a movie on your iPhone 3GS, simply start the camera application, touch the mini slider below the still and video icons on the lower right to change from still image to video, then touch the red button to start recording an iPhone movie and again to stop recording.

As the iPhone’s microphone is not very powerful, I would not trust it too much to capture the ambient sound. Just focus on the visual action.

To get the best video results, try filming in a room or in an outdoor environment with lots of natural sunlight. The light source should be behind you, not in front of you, in other words, directed at your subject without projecting them in a shadow.

2) Cut and trim the film from your iPhone Click Edit to add content to this empty capsule.

To trim an existing iPhone video by deleting frames from the beginning or end (those are the only two options that Apple decided you only need), select the iPhone video clip on your Camera Roll and touch play. To open the edit controls, touch anywhere on the screen. You will see a visual timeline of the frames that make up the clip. If you recorded your video in landscape mode, which is recommended if you plan to upload your iPhone video to YouTube or edit it later on your PC, hold your iPhone horizontally while editing so you can see more frames in the timeline at the top of the screen.

While watching the video on your iPhone, a progress bar shows where you are on the timeline. This is useful as a way to determine where you can trim the movies by indicating and stopping the point at a certain point, but it is far from accurate.

With the timeline visible on the screen and the video playback of your iPhone, touch and hold one end of the timeline so that the entire timeline has a yellow border around it. Without letting go, slide the end you chose to the right or to the left to lengthen or shorten the timeline, thereby controlling the length of your iPhone movie clip. To see your selection, touch play. If at any time you want to lengthen or shorten the movie while watching it, you can do so. While watching the video of the iPhone you are creating. Touch the screen to reappear.

After some tests and errors, you will have an iPhone Video segment with which you will be happy. To save it, simply touch trim to show the option Trim original movie from iPhone or Save movie as new clip. To dump unwanted frames from the original unformatted video, choose Original trim. Otherwise, choose the second option. This saves the cropped movie of the iPhone as a new video in its Camera Roll.

3) Share the movies on your iPhone Click Edit to add content to this empty capsule.

Once you have finished cutting the movie clip of your iPhone, you can share it with World via email, MMS (text messages) or by publishing your iPhone movie directly on YouTube (as long as you have a free YouTube account).

In your Camera Roll, select your new iPhone video clip and touch the Share icon in the lower left corner of the screen. Then choose your preferred delivery method. If you choose by email, keep in mind that the movie on your iPhone should be short: less than 30 seconds.

If you want to publish your iPhone movie on YouTube, you can do it too. Once you have uploaded the video from your iPhone, you can inform your family and friends that you are there via an email link to your iPhone movie clip.